You fought off with a jock while attacking your target

You fought off with role but you died with them

You were shot by a park ranger

You were expelled by a principal

You were killed by final girl

You were shot by a loner

You were shot by a rebel

You bled to death from a crank pot shot

You were murdered by a villain

You were murdered by a convict

You were slashed up by a slasher

You choked to death

you were absorbed by a blob

you were havested by a scarecrow

you were eaten by a wendigo

you were mauled by a wolfman

you were shung by a puppet master

you were lit by a firestarter

You summed upon the effects of the gas, you are dead

you were plagued by a scientist

you were rejected by a idol

you couldn't hundle the guilt

you died from gremilns sabotage

you were defeated by a contestant

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