• You were scratched up by a Cat Lady's cat!
  • You were killed by a Final Girl!
  • You fought off your target's attacker. (Jock)
  • You were fought off by a Jock while attacking your target.
  • You were shot by the Loner!
  • You were shot by a Park Ranger!
  • You were expelled by the Principal!
  • You were shot by a Rebel!


  • You were murdered by a Villain!
  • You've bled out from the Crackpot's gunshot!


  • You were absorbed by the Blob!
  • You were disposed of by the gamemaster!
  • You were murdered by a Convict!
  • You burst into flame because of a Firestarter!
  • You've succumbed to the effects of the gas. You are dead! (Gasser)
  • You were rejected by an Idol!
  • You were strung up by the Puppet Master!
  • You were haunted by a Poltergeist!
  • You were harvested by a Scarecrow!
  • You succumbed to the Scientist's plague!
  • You were slashed up by a Slasher!
  • You were strangled by a Strangler!
  • You were drained by a Spider!
  • You were eaten by the Wendigo!
  • You were mauled by a Wolfman!


  • You couldn't handle the guilt! (Class Clown)
  • You have a fatal accident due to a Gremlin!


brain dead

he/she was brain dead ( if you leave the game )


farewell player ( if sacrificeed)