Alignment: misfit


  • Select one player during the day to put in your cellar the following night.
  • Select the prisoner to kill them.

Role Info

  • You can talk to your prisoner at night.
  • Prisoner is blocked and protected.
  • You are immune from most forms of murder at night.

Extra Info

  • If you kidnap a Slasher without killing them, you will die.
  • If you kill a non-Hero, you must wait one day before kidnapping again.

Win Condition

  • You must kill them all.


  • This role is unique.
  • A Journalist may interview while kidnapped or who you are currently kidnapping.
  • The Principal has priority over the Collector.
    • If the Principal detains the same player the Collector targets, the player will only be detained by the Principal, and will not be kidnapped by the Collector.
    • If the Principal chooses to detain the Collector, the Collector will not be able to use their ability. The opposite is true if the roles are reversed.
    • The Collector can only kidnap the Principal if the Principal is not detaining the Collector.

investigetive results

Counselor :Your target is acting psychotic!

Nerd :Your target has an unhealthy need for companionship. They must be a Cat Lady, an Ex, a Collector or gamemaster.

Stalker/Snitch :You follow your target to a comic shop and see they are the Collector.