About Edit

Alignment: Villain Support


  • Select a Villain at night to drive them away from danger.

Role Info

  • If your target would have died or been caught, you will cancel their action.
  • You may drive a Villain away 3 times.

Win Condition

  • You must destroy all heroes and psychos.

More Edit

Caught means caught by visiting.

  • Ex: You will save somebody if a Chaperone or Witness would have seen them.
  • Ex: You will not save somebody if a Nerd, Counselor, or Priest checked them.

Died means died because of something that happened because they visited somebody.

  • Ex: You will save somebody visiting a Loner on alert or attacking a player protected by a Jock.
  • Ex: You will not save somebody if they are directly attacked by a Psycho, such as a Slasher.

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