About Edit

Alignment: Psycho Direct


  • Select one player to kill each night.

Role Info

  • Players you kill are absorbed into you.
  • Absorbed players vote for who you kill.
  • You are immune from most forms of murder at night if you have at least one player absorbed.
  • One player will be un-absorbed from you each time you are attacked.
  • Absorbed players cannot talk to the dead but can talk with you and each other.

Win Condition

  • You must kill them all.

Mechanics Edit

  • This role is unique.
  • The Blob will see what absorbed players say during both day and night.
  • The Blob is immune from every possible form of murder at night as long as they have at least one absorbed player, including but not limited to a Class Clown's haunt and a Wolfman's rampage.
  • In the event of the absorbed and Blob's votes for who the Blob should kill tying, the Blob's choice will be the winning one.